Coming Together for Margaret's House

This summer I have been greatly encouraged by the story behind Margaret’s House and by witnessing the efforts of everyone coming together to make Margaret’s House a home. People’s selfless willingness to serve and help in any way possible has served as a testimony to the power and perfection of God’s plans.

One Saturday, I had the opportunity to help move furniture into Margaret’s House. Many of us caravanned from Downey with donations in tow, and I was overwhelmed when I heard the story of Margaret’s House retold to each new volunteer who had showed up to help.

This is one thing that has stood out to me the most this summer, and it is a lesson that was solidified as people met us at the house with truckloads of furniture they were ready to give, without knowing the purpose of Margaret’s House.  People are so willing to come together to help and sacrifice when a need is known, and the coming together of a community to meet the needs that were necessary to make Margaret’s House less of a thought and more of a reality has been incredible.

Hanging on the living room wall of Margaret’s House is a white canvas with the blueprints of the house, with thumbprints hanging above the house like balloons for every person who has walked into the house and made any contribution to its needs. This visual depiction of people coming together to meet needs in order to help their community is incredible.

It was exciting to see furniture inhabit the empty rooms and to picture families living in the loving space. I could imagine kids spending time in the upstairs loft and adults sitting together in community with visitors. It is heartening to know that this house will be a home for so many families in the years to come.

While the basic needs of Margaret’s House have been met (with furniture in the rooms), there are still several needs that we can all contribute to make Margaret’s House a home.
This includes:
Movies for kids
Basic cleaning supplies
Safety gates

Thank you to everyone for your support, and please keep Margaret’s House in your prayers.

-Shannon Turner