Love Our City 2013

Last Saturday we hosted the first “Love Our City” training at Kingdom Causes. It was encouraging to see about 25 Christians gather together to learn and discuss how we can best care for our neighbors and our city. Some of the topics we covered were:

  • How to love your next door neighbors
  • How to love your homeless neighbors
  • How you can love Bellflower with your wallet
  • How we can love Bellflower by challenging broken systems

Some of my favorite moments from the training were hearing how people are already engaging with their neighborhoods, and seeing people make commitments to make small but significant changes in their lives.

Christ commanded His disciples to go into the world to make disciples, but challenged them to begin in Jerusalem, their own backyard. I’m excited to see how the participants at LOC 2013 will love the neighbors in the backyards of Bellflower!

If you missed the training, but are interested in bringing it to your church or organization, just shoot an email to