Providing outreach and assistance to homeless neighbors in Artesia, Bellflower, Cerritos, Compton, Downey, Lynwood, Norwalk & Paramount


Homeless Outreach Services

Outreach services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Initial housing assessments through the Los Angeles County Coordinated Entry System (CES)

  • Free transportation to DMV, DPSS, doctor’s appointments and mental health appointments (based on availability)

  • Linkage to medical services, mainstream benefits, substance abuse treatment and mental health services

  • Linkage to veterans services as appropriate

  • Shelter referrals

Purpose of Outreach Services:

  • Identify resources for neighbors willing to access services immediately

  • Develop trust and rapport with vulnerable neighbors who often do not trust community services

  • Assist neighbors in acquiring important documents needed, such as birth certificates, social security cards, CA State ID, etc.

Life Net Mentor Program

By connecting homeless neighbors to peer support groups and friendships through the Life Net program, clients will have the opportunity to develop multiple relationships of support that go beyond basic case management services. The goal is to provide our homeless neighbors with a support network of fellowship and practical resources so that individuals are more likely to continue their integration into the community.

Clients will be positively impacted by encouraging and implementing the expansion of their support network. This expansion will minimize feelings of loneliness, and convey to the individual that they are truly part of a supportive community. Being part of a supportive community will lead to an improved sense of self, as well as the desire to pass these positive experiences onto others. By creating these relational connections, the community gains a productive citizen who may have a greater sense of gratitude for a network of support due to their previous challenges.

This program will also provide a level of benefit for volunteers. The Life Net program creates  opportunities for residents to give back to their community, and it also provides the chance for volunteers to gain a broad perspective on the challenges faced by clients in their neighborhoods. This expanded perspective can contribute to powerful personal narratives that may lead to recruitment of future volunteers.

While society can be educated on community needs through a wide variety of media sources, anecdotes and word-of- mouth experiences can often be the most compelling, particularly when shared with friends and family. By utilizing the power of one-on- one relationships, the program has the opportunity to greatly expand community impact through grass-roots enthusiasm for change.

Case Management Services 

Once a homeless neighbor is placed in permanent housing, our staff provides on-going case management to ensure that the individual or family remains housed and off the streets. Connection to supportive services and support networks are crucial to case management services and housing retention.

Financial Assistance 

A limited amount of financial resources are available to assist homeless neighbors with move-in costs (first month rent, deposit, and start-up utilities) with proof of ability to pay their own rent after first-month of assistance. Some short-medium term rental assistance and homeless prevention funds are available depending on city of origin and income level.