Starting Out

A Post by Katie Zondervan

Last week I started my first day as an intern with Kingdom Causes, working specifically on Eucalyptus Street with Chrissy. Coming in I had a general idea of what my summer would consist of, but my first days at Kingdom Causes were a little different from what I was expecting. The first day we had orientation and then went out in the neighborhood to get a feel for where I would be spending a lot of my time. We spent most of the afternoon building relationships with kids in the neighborhood. It was awesome! I was amazed to see all the relationships Chrissy has already made and was excited to start forming my own.

Since I have started I have experienced so many great things. I got to ride the Bethel blue bus, which drives down Eucalyptus street to pick up kids for youth group at Bethel Church. I saw the photo exhibit and the wonderful talent these kids have. I have been able to brainstorm ideas with the team, and hear stories of transformation, specifically that of Laticia, a lady who lives in the neighborhood and has been very involved with Kingdom Causes. She wants to see the neighborhood transform and is always willing to lend a hand.

If there is one thing I have learned or had reinforced since starting last week it would be to not place judgment too quickly. Growing up around Bellflower I had heard stories about Eucalyptus Street and its reputation, and automatically I had a pre-conception about it. Knowing that I would be working specifically on the street I was a little nervous, but now realize I had no need to be. I agree that there are defiantly bad parts on Eucalyptus Street, but there are also a lot of good things that go unrecognized. There are so many good people, families, relationships, and resources throughout the street. It is amazing see God at work in those good areas! I am excited to see what the summer will bring.