Lemon, Chili & Salt

Today Katie and I spent time with three junior high girls that hang out on Cornuta. I'd met them before, but barely got a word out of all three of them combined. We're having them help us create a program or "hang out" time with girls their age. I'd love to see this turn into a mentoring relationship. Today we went swimming for a couple of hours and they opened up a little more. We bonded over eating lemons with chili & salt. SICK! Gooo! They were all eating it so they made Katie and I try it. I don't like sour or salty... so a combination of both is not appealing whatsoever. But we tried it. They kept on pouring more salt on after each bite. My lips were stinging and they thought it was hilarious. We actually went through an entire salt shaker!

So Katie and I decided that our goal is to enjoy the whole fruit & salt & chili thing before the end of the summer.

I will say... orange with salt & chili isn't too bad. I might actually like that.
Chrissy PadillaComment