It's complicated

The popular social media site, Facebook, has a number of categories for identifying your connections or more accurately specifying your individuality. One category is your relationship status. For most people, this includes single, married, and the more general "in a relationship." Since Facebook allows a number of customizations, some users have chosen to list their relationship status as "it's complicated." 

The realities of broader life can mirror this particular relationship status. Life is complex, layered, and ultimately unpredictable. Humans work very hard to establish a routine in life, but there are so many elements that are beyond our control. When we look at the natural disasters that have occurred recently, we are reminded of how quickly our precarious existence can be upended. 

There are times when we are able to come up with simple solutions to small obstacles of life. An extra layer of clothing can help to make a chilly night more pleasant. A warm meal at just the right time can leave us with a feeling of satisfaction and contentment (at least for a few hours). Encouraging words from a friend or family member can make an otherwise unpleasant day look just a little better.


If only the myriad problems of life could be solved with such simplicity. Some challenges go far beyond a blanket or a bowl of soup, even though every little bit helps.

At Kingdom Causes Bellflower (KCB), we walk alongside people who have their share of complicated situations. If you ever stop by the office, you will hear some unique, real-life stories that originate from complicated lives. Some of the stories are amazing narratives of triumph and personal transformation. Other anecdotes are tragic tales of heartbreak and consistent failure. We love when things work out and people are able to move in a more satisfying direction. Unfortunately, not all earthly stories have a simple or happy ending. 

Over time, by the grace of God and with the support of the Bellflower community, we are able to facilitate positive change. Guys work hard for Good Soil Industries (GSI) and eventually find long-term employment. Through the diligence of our housing team, people are able to get off the street, or avoid living on the street altogether. Kids do better in school through the efforts of the Homework Club. The example go on and on. 

The solutions are not always simple, but the outcomes can be well worth the complicated steps that were required along the way. 

Keep in mind that we always need your help. We covet your prayers, your time, and yes, some of the financial resources that God has let you borrow for now. Our deep connection with our neighbors means that we are all “in a relationship.” At KCB, we believe that all of us is better than any of us. Success stories do not happen overnight, and when you work with people there has to be an understanding that nothing is ever guaranteed. We can hope for a particular return on our investment, but we must do our best to think about how God treats us when we fail over and over again. If God can forgive our misteps, we can certainly understand when our fellow brother or sister lets us down.

Your Facebook relationship status may be complicated, but there is still hope for happiness. At KCB, we work hard to maintain the same attitude. There is always hope.