Hanging around the office

We have an ongoing challenge at Kingdom Causes Bellflower, and this slight verbal obstacle has been with us since the very beginning. Sometimes it can be a challenge to quickly and efficiently describe what we do every day. The categories are there. Homelessness. Housing solutions. Job creation. Networking with churches, business, non-profit organizations, and local government. Community events. Neighborhood revitalization.

Some of you are familiar with some of our more recognizable programs and services such as Good Soil Industries, Margaret’s House, Life Net, Homework Club, and Saturday morning showers. More than anything, we strive to be a catalyst. If you go on our recently revamped website, you will see our mission on the front page:

Our MISSION is to be a catalyst that inspires, connects, and mobilizes people towards personal and community transformation.

We work to love Bellflower in ways that no one individual or church can do alone. We believe that all of us are better than any of us.

This brings me to a couple of invitations. At KCB we want you to get involved wherever you feel called to serve, and we encourage you to get outside your comfort zone and trust that God will equip you to love your neighbors in amazing ways. Our most recent newsletter highlights some places that you can plug in.

In addition, I invite you to stop by the office sometime. Really. 


If you do stop by the office, let me offer a couple of candid caveats. First of all, depending on the time and day, you may find the office bustling with people from all walks of life. Sometimes most of the work seems to be concentrated in our cozy space at 16429 Bellflower Boulevard. The office can be loud and brimming with human drama. 

Other times, the office is all but empty because the staff is scattered all over the community. People are mowing lawns, meeting with community leaders, visiting clients, coordinating events, and walking the streets. Despite our best efforts, life does not always subscribe to the boundaries of a fixed schedule. Let’s just that we are thankful for cell phones so that we can at least stay in touch.

Another caveat is that our office has an interested atmosphere and eclectic “style.” We are grateful to Kaiser for a generous donation of matching office furniture, and Bethany Church recently blessed us with a new paint job that has really brightened up the space. In between the furniture and people, you will find lawn equipment, in-progress bicycles, computers for community use, donated supplies of all shapes and sizes, and large whiteboards filled with schedules, projects, and quotes. We do our best to keep things orderly, but just like real life there is always a balance between organization and chaos.

Finally, you should know that if you stop by, you will encounter some amazing people. I have worked at KCB for about 18 months, and before that I was on the Board of Directors for nine years. The office is filled with people who truly care about this community and the neighbors that live all around us. Our office is filled with tough conversations, compelling stories, occasional laughter, and some inevitable tears. KCB can be a mentally exhausting place to work, but at the same time provide an endless supply of inspiration.

If you have a moment, stop by. We would love to show you around and introduce you to the team. Maybe we can even find you a place to love our community.