Mid-Summer Intern Update

It's hard to believe it's already late July, and the end of our summer internship season is just around the corner. Our interns this year have been nothing short of all-stars, as they have all grabbed ahold of their roles and accomplished and learned much. Continue reading below to hear some brief updates from our summer interns!

    Youth/Arts Intern Crystal

Wow, what a crazy summer it's been! I can't believe how much God has accomplished in just a few short weeks. Seeking and serving Him has proven to be challenging, yet so rewarding. I have learned so much about what it means to not only work for the city, but with the city. There's a great difference in the two. To work with the city is to walk alongside the struggles and victories that life brings.

Our kids' summer programs are doing well! On Mondays, kids get to learn the fundamentals of art and have fun while doing it. Tuesday nights are about getting active and having fun with sports. Each Monday, I get to meet new kids in our community and see them express themselves in new ways that cant' always be taught. It's awesome to see their natural creativity being outworked in their artistic expression.

Here at Kingdom Causes, our summer internship is winding down, but each day (no matter how long it may seem at times) I'm realizing I truly am living the dream.

Finance/Marketing Intern Ryan

Hello, All! It has been over a month and a half since I started my internship at Kingdom Causes Bellflower, and I'm really enjoying it! I have been doing all manners of work for them. From handling Good Soil's finances, to designing flyers for community classes, I've been given quite the variety of tasks.

In order to get a better idea of what Good Soil industries is all about, I went out with one of the trucks and worked for a day. There I was able to interact with and get to know some of the men in the program. I had some great conversations that day. Knowing how much work they do each day has caused me to have nothing but respect for what they do. Jason has been doing wonderful work with the company.

I have worked most closely with Abbey Nishimoto, as she handles a lot of the financial aspects of Kingdom Causes. In the small amount of time I have learned an enormous amount about business and non-profits from her. With her by my side I was able to finish my projects with little headache. I am very grateful for her guidance.

As I look forward to the last few weeks of my internship I am thankful for the opportunity I have been given and the people who so want to see me succeed. Thank you all for supporting me and Kingdom Causes.

Homeless Outreach Intern Ashley

This summer has been one of the best I’ve experienced thus far. It’s not because the weather has been so great, with the hot sun shining down everyday, it’s because I have gotten to experience many things I didn’t think I could or would. This summer started off with getting what seemed like a million files together into a system by a deadline within the first week of working here. Crazy, right? But by doing that work I was able to learn and understand what this job really consists of. Learning this information now, I can use it for my future and have experience under my belt.

As I have grabbed ahold of how the systems work, I have been able to experience great things! I have gotten to see how unit inspections work and also see how moving someone into their new place can bring such joy to an individual or family. So far, this summer has been eye opening for me through seeing what God has done for everyone that I have encountered, whether it is from Saturday morning breakfast or in the office, it has been phenomenal and I am so happy to have gotten the opportunity to work with this organization.
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