Community Fellows Update: Janet

Hello All.

I am well into the 9 month, and going into the 10 month of the Kingdom Causes program. I can’t believe how time has passed living on Eucalyptus Street. Living in Bellflower has been eye opener, in meeting neighbors, hearing their stories and our growing relationships.
Seeing my neighbors nearly everyday has been a neat living experience because I have gotten to  know more neighbors even more. It is different from where I used to live because my previous neighborhood is quiet and there does not seem to be much neighborhood interaction. Jesus has definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone to be social and converse about anything with my neighbors. Jesus has shown me how sweet it is to engage in conversations at any time of the day with neighbors. Even if it was just a good morning or good-bye, it can be something that helps me get to know my neighbors.  
There are two neighbors in particular, who have welcomed me into their stories. I couldn’t believe how honest and open my neighbors were in sharing their life stories. One neighbor candidly shared her childhood, teenage years and family stories. It was neat how Jesus made things happen and I am glad she was willing to share, because it helped grow a relationship. I had the chance to connect with another neighbor when she shared her life story over coffee and snacks at a gathering we hosted in our neighborhood.  She began by sharing about her experience living in Bellflower and then she went on to share about herself and her family. She shared about how much she loves her sister and how she had to raise her. She also shared her challenges and struggles she personally has gone through. I see her as such a strong person because even through everything she went through, she does not let those things stop her from living her life. My neighbor does not let challenges keep her down, she always does something about it, to see the change. She is a kind and caring person and I am grateful for the opportunity Jesus opened for her to share her story with me. Jesus has taught me a lot about relationships and how important it is to be there for neighbors and friends. I also learned it takes time for community to develop and I definitely saw this living with my neighbors. I am very thankful for having the opportunity to be part of the Fellows program and Kingdom Causes because I definitely see the impact they make for Bellflower. –Thank you!
Prayer Request
Please continue to pray for Bellflower and its community.  Pray also for our Eucalyptus community that they can see Jesus wants them to be part of his huge family. Please pray over the friendships/relationships I have made with the neighbors I have gotten to know and for new ones to grow. Thank you for your prayers and God Bless.
Robert VerWysComment