Youth Group-Wed Nights!!

Eucalyptus Street is the place to be on Wednesday nights- (Specifically Chrissy’s house.) If you like good food, skateboarding, basketball, hanging out, or just having a conversation with a teen, then you must come to this event every Wednesday night from 6:30-8:30.
Youth Group on Wednesday nights is a place where kids from the community can come and enjoy a good dinner, hear the Word of God, and build relationships with other peers and leaders.

Many of these kids have never heard the story of Jesus or come from broken homes. Through this ministry we hope to build relationships with these kids and show them the love of Jesus. It’s amazing to see how this event has grown in the community. I have been told that the Youth Group started with about 5 kids, but now there are about 20 kids that show up on a consistant basis. It’s amazing to see how God has blessed this ministry.

One of my favorite things to do with the guys on Wednesday nights is to play basketball on the driveway. It can get pretty physical at times, but it usually stays calm and everyone has a good time. I could play basketball with these kids for hours, but I usually don’t because we have a Bible Study later on at night.

Last week we took the boys over to the resource center to have some small group time and play some games. Although it is hard to keep some of their attention, most of them were asking real deep questions that I did not have all the answers for. Some were asking such questions as “Why does God allow so much evil in this world?” or “Can we become unsaved once we have accepted God as our Savior?” These are challenging questions for even Christians in the Church, and trying to explain these answers to kids just learning about Jesus is even harder. However I was encouraged by the attendance and interest that these boys have to learn more. Nobody is forcing these kids to stay for the Bible Study part of the night, yet more than half do stay to listen. These boys are curious about God, and this is the time to tell them about Him before they get older. I ask for your prayers as we continue this ministry on Eucalyptus Street!!