Thoughts on Bellflower

Bellflower is a special city. We're smack-dab of middle of LA sprawl, yet we still have a small-town charm. I love that I can go to the grocery store or to a local restaurant and be greeted by my first name. "Hi Chrissy... how are things in the neighborhood. How's the coffee shop?"

Yesterday I attended a special city council budget meeting. Times are tough. Our city leaders are doing their best with the limited funds they have, but money is running out. A majority of city-sponsored community events have already been cut this year... and I'm afraid more cuts are coming.

Bellflower isn't charming because of it's location or landmarks. It's charming because of the people that make up the community. It's charming because of the community-friendly events like Streetfest and Movies Under the Stars. Sadly, these events are too expensive for our city to host this year. But I don't think we can afford not to have summer events. It's the downtown events that keep local businesses running during slow times. It's the downtown events that get people out of their house and talking to their neighbors. It's the downtown events that bring charm to our city.

Times are tough, but this is a chance for us... the community... to step up. Now is the time for churches, businesses, organizations and individuals to work together to pick up some of the events. We saw the success of the Easter Egg Hunt hosted by local churches. Bellflower Noon Lions Club is picking up the Bellflower Blvd. Car Show. What else can we work together on to save?

Now is the time for the church to be active in this city.