Shaun and Jonah

Shaun and Jonah met over a year ago. Shaun, a member of the Bellflower House Church, had been volunteering for several months with the Homeless Task Force and wanted to take the next step and commit to praying for one homeless neighbor in particular and establish a relationship with him. Jonah has been on the streets since his grandmother passed away three years ago. His kind spirit and outgoing personality was endearing to whomever he encountered. One Tuesday night when we hit the streets for our relational outreach, Shaun and I found Jonah lying on his back unconscious from an overdose of medication that wasn’t his. Shaun and I loaded him in our vehicle and took him to the nearest hospital, fearing that he wasn’t going to make it.
Shaun went back to visit him later that week and formed a friendship. A year later, after hundreds of encounters with Shaun, and much prayer on Shaun’s part, Jonah had hit bottom. He and some friends had been drinking behind the liquor store when they began to argue. Before Jonah knew it he was on the ground, pummeled by two of his “friends”. He woke up the next day at the local hospital. Upon discharge the social workers asked where he wanted to be dropped off and he indicated he wanted to come to the Community Center. Shaun was there and we were able to pray with him and he agreed that he needed long term help. That night we had a party celebrating his decision. Pizza, pasta, salad and soda flowed. Jonah had turned and wanted help! He stayed that night at Shaun’s home and the next day we brought him to a mission to get help with rehabilitation. He’s been there now over 30 days, beating his previous sobriety streak by 10 days. Shaun continues to go visit him on a weekly basis providing him with support and prayer. This is our ideal. Connect people with supportive relationships via the body of Christ.