The events of this story and timing are true and perfectly wrapped inside of God's hand. Sometimes it's like maybe the activities of our life are clinched in God's hand and then sometimes he opens the fist and blows and out comes this perfect story that he's been dying to reveal to us.
( I think there should be a Nooma video for what I just wrote)

I was on the freeway with my friend Jason, driving to his mom's house. The air in my Volkswagen van was thick with the joy of a weekend pass. I had met Jason a year and a half prior to these events. Members of our Homeless Task Force would take our campstoves under the freeway to talk and listen to what the homelessness experience was like.

Over time, Jason grew fond of our human/spiritual experience and entered rehab. He soon joined the ranks of the old timer recovery guys by living with his story of recovery on his cuff and joining our Street Outreach to the Homeless.

Personal Journal Entry...March 2, 2007
"Jason got a purple heart for saving a guys life"

As we drove I got a call from a random number on my phone. I felt compelled to answer. Raul, from a local liquor said, "a guy named Eric is out front and wanted me to call you. he said he was ready!"

I shared the news with Jason. The air of joy in my van increased dramatically. Eric was Jason's street buddy. We knew the long lost friend was coming home.

On the scene.......lot's happend but i only have one picture...

...Eric was pretty loaded and suicidal. Eyes full of mustard and ketchup, he rolled around on the grass with a freshly twisted ankle. The rock bottom was pretty evident. At one key moment, he rolled onto his side and slowly onto a knee where he pointed at Jason and said, "I want what you got."

God just released a year and a half full of events from his hand into the air for composure.

Jason took over and talked to Eric about his story of recovery. He related to him and gave him vision for the future. First person experience couldn't have been timed any better for this occasion. Eric listened and acted. We took him to a 10 day detox. Volunteers from the Homeless Task Force wrote letters, called and visited him.

He's doing his rehab. I hope he get's a weekend pass soon because I know now what that means.