Margaret's House

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Margaret’s House is a beautiful 3-unit hospitality home operated by KCB that provides transitional housing and services prioritizing families with children in the Bellflower Unified School District. Traditionally, homeless shelters separate by age and gender; our unique model seeks to maintain the intact family unit and provide stability for the children by keeping them in their school and community 

Margaret's House: A proven strategy for ending family homelessness

In 2016, a group of students from Biola University, under the guidance of Dr. Greene, completed an in-depth analysis and evaluation of KCB's Margaret's House (MH) program. This assessment gauged the overall effectiveness of the program by allowing MH graduates to speak with a neutral third party about their housing stability and overall quality of life since leaving Margaret's House. Our hope was that this data would assist staff and board with decisions regarding the financial viability and future of the program. 

The results from the assessment were overwhelmingly positive. The researchers noted that Margaret's House is catalyzing distinct transformation in the lives of the participating families, and is creating long-term stability for families even after they move out. The report notes the incredibly high success rate of families placed into stable housing after MH, as well as the emotional and spiritual support that families receive both during their stay at Margaret's House and even after moving out. Perhaps the most compelling line in the report is, “Indeed, every participant that was interviewed mentions the fact that though Margaret’s House is a short term solution, it gave them hope for a better future.” 

We praise God that these families are receiving His gift of hope through this program.


Program Overview

Once accepted into the program, families will have a dignified living experience in a safe community with the following support:

  • A private family suite with room for up to 4, including a private restroom
  • Shared common space, including a beautiful kitchen, living room, and gated yard
  • Bi-weekly case management and access to a peer mentor
  • Assistance with personal financial management
  • Assistance with locating permanent, stable housing after graduation

Prayer Guide

  • Pray for peace in Margaret’s House
  • Pray for the parents as they reunite with their kids & adjust to parenting
  • Pray for Christian landlords who will rent to MH graduates
  • Pray that God would provide all the necessary funding to keep MH doors open each year
  • Pray for the hundreds of other families that call KCB each year in desperate need of safe housing
  • Pray for the kids that they will thrive in school
  • Pray for good collaborations with other service providers caring for these homeless families