"Jesus Came to Set the Captive Free" - Pastor Troy L Campbell

Bars don't incarcerate people, poor choices do. At sixteen years old I ended up behind bars because I CHOSE to sell drugs (weed). I had other options, but those options were not fast enough, lucrative enough, or attractive enough for me. After working at Burger King I decided $3.35/hour was no match for the cash flow of the streets. I knew the difference between right and wrong, but poverty, pain, the LURE of fast money, and dreams of street fame got the best of me.

My parents separation at six years old and later their divorce - WARPED - my thinking and catapulted me into a deep depression. My adolescent years were riddled with silent suffering. I couldn't understand how two people (my parents) who said they loved each other could just go their separate ways. I was too young to understand and properly process the trauma so I kept it to myself. When I turned thirteen, I decided to begin testing my skills in the underworld of drugs, crime, and mischief. It seemed like a natural fit. I was able to blend into the street scene with relative ease. The money came quick and the adrenaline rush was addicting.

Attending private school by day and selling drugs by night required me to live two different lives. As ASB President, Principal's Honor Roll Student/Dean's List Award Recipient and menace to society - the act was getting old. After graduating high school I continued to pursue every opportunity possible to enhance and expand my street pharmaceuticals business. Things went well for a while but soon jealousy, envy, and the nature of the game took its course. A combination of near death experiences, failed relationships, financial roller coaster rides, and the pain of the past positioned me perfectly at the cross.

In 1995 my healing began. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior and NEVER looked back. He renewed my mind and broke the SHACKLES of pain that began at six years old. Luke 4:18 says "Jesus came to set the captives free," and that's exactly what He did for me. He set my mind free! Glory to God! He healed my broken heart and opened my blind eyes. He even gave me the grace/strength to be celibate for seven years until I met my wife (Teresa Campbell) to whom I have been married sixteen years. Hallelujah. Jesus took me from being a player to being a prayer!!!!! Yes! He REVIVED my soul!

Let's Pray: Lord I pray today for people who are incarcerated (emotionally, physically, spiritually). I ask You to RENEW their minds. Holy Spirit HEAL their broken hearts, give RECOVERY of sight to their blind eyes (spiritually), and bring LIBERTY to every area of their lives where they have been bruised by disappointment, grief, abuse, neglect, fear, depression, peer pressure...Lord we ask You to wipe away every tear from their eyes and give them the blessed assurance of Your presence in Jesus' mighty name amen! #revival

Luke 4:8 Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God and serve him only.’”

About the author:
Pastor Troy L Campbell is the Senior Pastor of The Secret Place Church in Bellflower, California where they are "fanning the flames of revival" and sharing the compassion of Christ.