"Church, Is It Really Worth It?" - Heather Choi, LCSW

My heart has been burdened, frustrated, and in angst for awhile. I feel a tangible battle going on in the American church. The thief of settling, passivity, and being okay with maintaining the status quo all for the pursuit of comfort has hijacked our sacred lives.

So church can I candidly ask you a question: Is the American Dream really worth it?

What I'm referring to are the social assumptions of the "should's" in life. You graduate high school, then you SHOULD either go to college or get a job, then you SHOULD find a career, then a husband/wife, then have an engagement party, then a wedding, then a gender reveal party, then kids, then a house, then regular on going family vacations, and then you should finally arrive at your retirement plan.

Has our life "following" Jesus just become reduced down to this, and shoving Jesus somewhere in the mix?

Let me be VERY clear on this. I am not naming or pointing out that there is something wrong about having or wanting any one of these life events that I have named. They are all good gifts from God himself, who gives us the freedom and delight to enjoy them. What I'm specifically talking about is when we elevate these life events and milestones as the expectations in life that we SHOULD be following after.

There is only one, not even a should, but a mandate as those who follow Jesus: MAKE DISCIPLES.

When you find yourself intently fighting to keep this mission on the forefront of your mind and the gospel close to your heart, you start to find yourself caring about other should's in your life (homeless neighbors, immigration reform, race reconciliation, mental health illness, mass incarceration, greed, unseen plight of wars in other nations, sex/human trafficking, poverty, etc.), than the American Dream. The Savior did not come to die a costly death and resurrect from the dead, for us to just be comfortable. There was nothing comfortable about the cross, but Christ rather endured every unimaginable level of discomfort in order to give us life eternal. The cross allows us to move without limits to the margins and instead welcome discomfort. He gave us life, and to have life to the fullest.

Church I say it's about time that we finally start living.


  • Ask God what it looks like for you to “make disciples” in Bellflower

John 10:10 “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

About the Author: Heather Choi is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who serves as the Director of Community Engagement at Kingdom Causes Bellflower