Pursuit of the Dream

In 1986, Christian artist Michael W. Smith released an album called The Big Picture. One of songs was titled “Pursuit of the Dream.” The first verse of that song includes the following lyrics:


Wake up and dream about

The plans you have in store for you

But keep in mind

It's not just what you do

But what you do it for and who


There are roads to discover

There are stories yet to be told

As you see the big picture

Just beginning to unfold



At Kingdom Causes Bellflower, we work hard to maintain our focus on the big picture of why we exist. Sometimes that pursuit can be difficult. Working with people is complicated, and navigating complex systems can be incredibly frustrating. We work hard to develop methodologies that lead to consistent success, but nothing is guaranteed in life. There are stories of transformation, but we must also face the daily realities of human failure.

It is easy to dismiss individuals or systems that in our perception are not proving to be effective. Over the years I have had countless conversations with people about KCB, and sometimes I get dismissed. People tell me that they don’t believe in our mission, they don’t agree with our model, or they aren’t seeing enough results from our work. While these viewpoints can be frustrating and disappointing, people are entitled to their perspective.

When I encounter this type of feedback, I often respond with some questions. Namely, does the person have a better solution? Will removing a flawed methodology help to address a problem that will not go away organically? Would they rather tweak an existing organization or start over from scratch?

Understand that I don’t pose this question from a standpoint of unquestionable success. At KCB, we fail on a regular basis. We aren’t happy about failure, but it goes with the territory of helping vulnerable people. If you talk to anyone who works with at-risk populations, they will tell you that there are no cookie-cutter solutions to the challenges of navigating life. We are constantly evaluating our programs, searching for unique solutions to complex problems, and pursuing…you guessed it…a dream.

The overarching point here is that we would rather try and fail than not try at all. Over the years I have had so many conversations with people who seem to be waiting for the perfect organization or program. I’m sorry to tell you that such an entity is not coming. When Jesus returns, all will be well. Until then, we are stuck with our well-intentioned but ultimately depraved systems.

Despite our failures, we continue to pursue a dream because that is our calling. What drives us each day is a sense of purpose, but also the fact that God has blessed us with success. Over the years we have seen God bless this work, and we have had many opportunities to celebrate moments of transformation.  

The work goes on, and we continue to dream. We dream of finding people housing, creating jobs, and helping our neighbors pursue the opportunity to move from surviving to thriving. At KCB, we dream of church partnerships, supportive relationships, strong families, vibrant neighborhoods, and exciting new initiatives that come from the community.

Join us in pursuit of this dream. We covet your prayers, financial gifts, and time. The future is destined to be difficult, but the dream of serving our neighbors makes it all worth it.

Todd Pheifer