Intern Update: Thomas

Wow what an incredible start to summer!

These past few weeks with Kingdom Causes has been an absolute rush. I’ve learned so much more than I thought I would from this internship, and we are only halfway done with the summer. Seeing the work, struggle, and success of KCB first hand has given me a clearer picture of what it takes to make an impactful difference in this community. The amount of work to get one of our homeless neighbors into a suitable home is extraordinary and takes so many people’s dedication and time. I was blessed enough to take a very small part of getting one of our neighbors housed by helping move some donated furniture into his new place.

This summer I have also been assisting in a couple of camps throughout Bellflower. By working with Bethany Christian Reformed Church, we have been able to put on science, basketball, art, and soccer camps for local children. In addition to these camps, I have also been helping our good friend Mark run his sports camps at Ramona Elementary. Needless to say, running around and trying to keep up with these kids has shown me just how old I’ve gotten. But the amount of joy I get watching them compete and learn more about our Savior more than makes up for the aches, pains, and exhaustion.

What this internship has taught me more than anything so far is that sometimes our plans fall through and we have to make the most with what we got. Many times this summer, the camps we are running have run into both major and minor hiccups. It’s easy to get frustrated, angry, or accusatory when things don’t go our way. However, when we remember our ultimate goal as both Christ followers and as disciple makers, we focus on how to utilize the opportunities we are given to reach the lost and bless our neighbors. As the second and last month of this internship comes upon us, I’m really trying to work on my reliance on God for satisfaction, especially when plans go awry and when we don’t see any tangible impact on others through our work