Living the Dream

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Years ago, the Bellflower Community Bike Shop was but a dream for my good friend David Samora. Now it's becoming a reality!
In his life, David has faced a challenging road that has taken plenty of unexpected turns and dips, that ultimately left him out on the street. It was at that time, that he met a man at a local park, who fixed bikes. Times were tough for David, but this man was a welcomed ray of light piercing into the darkness of his addiction and homelessness. That man at the park provided a space of both welcome and belonging for all of the folks he worked with, no matter what walk of life they came from. He fixed bikes for local kids and adults alike.
David was inspired.
After years of unemployment, David got connected with Kingdom Causes and started working his way through the Good Soil Industries social enterprise. By the time he graduated the program, David had a new vision for himself; to start a bike shop. This wasn't to be your average shop, this was to be a place with purpose. David wanted to channel the essence of the space that the man at the park had created for him, into the very fabric of this new shop. One does not simply just start a bike shop though... It takes time and commitment. David would not be deterred, and held tightly to his dream.
After months of campaigning, David was finally given a small space in the back of the Kingdom Causes Community Center at 16429 Bellflower Boulevard. Since that point, the dream has only continued to gain traction. What was once a small operation out of the back of the community center, now occupies window front space on the boulevard in the community center.
The vision for the Bellflower Community Bike Shop continues to morph and change, but the foundation remains the same. Here at the bike shop, we are a place where strangers of all ages are welcomed, find belonging, and also learn about bicycles.
This where you come in the picture.
Do you bike often? Would you like to learn how to keep it running well?
The Bellflower Community Bike Shop is for you.
Are you someone who fixes bikes? Are you looking for a way to give back to your community?
The Bellflower Community Bike Shop is for you.
Do you know some kids in your neighborhood who don't have a bicycle of their own?
The Bellflower Community Bike Shop is for you.
Do you have a bike that's done little more than take up garage space? DONATE IT!
The Bellflower Community Bike Shop is for you.
If you are interested please contact Robert VerWys at for more information or swing on by the shop tonight with your bike from 6-8pm! Hope to see you there!
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