It's Worth It

My own words, the ones I’ve spoken countless times at various trainings and KCB classes, were bouncing around in my brain all day. I couldn’t get my own voice out of my head:

“You have to establish a real relationship with your marginalized neighbors.
It’s hard.
It takes time.”

“You have to form an actual friendship to make any kind of sustainable difference.
It’s hard.
It takes time.
It COSTS YOU something”

I was spending the day with a young friend who was currently homeless, trying to help her get access to a stable roof over her head. Since my role at KCB these days involves mostly administrative tasks… my case management skills were a little rusty. Nevertheless, I did my best to ask good questions, listen a LOT, and wrack my brain for tangible ways that I could love and support my neighbor.

It was hard.
It took time.
It cost me something.

Yet, those 12 hours drove me to the feet of Jesus in a way that I don’t believe I have ever experienced before. On my own, I couldn’t solve the glaring problems and impossible hurts that my friend was facing. I couldn’t wave a magic wand and conjure up a workable solution. I came to the end of my rope, desperate for the Lord to intervene. In hindsight, it’s clear that’s exactly where He needed me to be.

Jehovah Jireh, God the provider, did provide a solution for my friend. Yet, His provision is not the end of the story. Sure, she has a roof over her head and regular meals to count on, but a real relationship… a real friendship… wouldn’t be content with just that. A real relationship means I follow up regularly. A real relationship means I make a space at my family’s table this Christmas. A real relationship mean I continue riding out the lows and celebrating the successes.

It’s hard.
It takes time.
It will cost me something.
And it’s SO worth it.

Matthew 25:30
I tell you the truth: Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for Me.

-Abbey Nishimoto
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