Community Fellows Reflections: Lucy

Hello friends,
I am writing to update you on my experiences with the fellow’s program and life on Eucalyptus Avenue. I am right in the middle of my fourth month and it’s too scary how fast this year is going! I’m pleased to report that my disposition is still cheery and hopeful! However, I can also say that my mindset and heart are being challenged each and every day that I spend in this dynamic neighborhood.
Thus far I have had multiple opportunities to engage with the neighborhood girls who make our front porch (I guess you could call it) their imaginary classroom, stage or home. There are about 6 of them and they range from 1st grade through 7th. They are all so energetic and always greet us by name, which they usually yell. These girls have been a huge blessing because their attitudes towards us, has really facilitated conversation with their parents as well as the surrounding neighbors.
Just recently I got to sit in my neighbor's house while she gave me a haircut. This is her part time job, doing people’s hair by appointment. I got to listen to her story of coming to America, working, starting a family and eventually ending up in the apartment directly across from us. This time spent with her has been one of my most cherished experiences from the last four months. I got to listen to her describe her experiences, learn about her family through her eyes and truly learn about her heart’s passions. I thank God that he gave me this opportunity, and I want to pray that he allows me more of these unique conversations where I get to step into my neighbor’s comfort zone and hear them speak with out reservations.
I want to ask for your support in prayer and thank you so so much if you have been keeping me, Gabi, Janet, and Noemi in your prayers already. I want to ask specifically for prayer that I may continue to get to know my neighbors on a deeper level. That God continues to facilitate these relationships and that I rely on Him to show my neighbor’s Jesus’ love. I also want to ask for prayer in my hospitality. I want to open my doors to my neighbors but I want that to be in a manner that helps them get to know God. Lastly I want to ask prayer for my view on the rest of this year, prayer that I never forget that my neighbors are people with hearts that God created uniquely, not projects.
Thank you so so much,
Lucy Lopez