Having a Heart of Gratitude

A few weeks ago a few members of our staff, along with about 10 ladies from Little House (our women's' drug/alcohol rehab program), worked together to clean out Margaret's House in preparation for a new batch of homeless families who would be moving in. Honestly, I didn't have the greatest attitude leading up to the day. My to-do list, like every one's, was overflowing, and I wasn't thrilled about giving up a morning to clean bathrooms and organize the garage. However, within just a few minutes of working alongside the ladies from Little House, my attitude did a complete turnaround. 

It was incredible to see the volunteers working so hard, and so cheerfully, for families that they had never even met. One of the ladies told me, "I'm just so thankful for the opportunity to give back. God has given me so much; anything that I can do to help others is my privilege". Despite all the obstacles and challenges she was facing in her own life, she was overflowing with gratitude to God. It made me realize that our most genuine service comes out of a place of gratitude. I hope to be more mindful of the many ways that God has blessed me, and like the Little House volunteers, to channel that gratitude into a heart for serving others.

By Abbey Nishimoto
Sandra J. MarroquinComment