Final Internship Reflections: Jocelyn

It’s the last week of my internship and it’s a bittersweet feeling. I don’t know where to begin expressing my gratitude. It began with my friend Katie rushing to Kingdom Causes to find out the deadline to apply for the internship. After applying, having the face to face interview with Robert Verwys and being accepted to be a part of the Friendship Manor. Also, spending time with the residents from the Friendship Manor and helping Sarah with activities for the grand finale - the Comedy show. It’s been a pleasure to be a part of the Kingdom Causes Family and be allowed to share God’s love with Friendship Manor in Bellflower.

Life has a funny way of teaching us to love it. From my experience at the Friendship Manor, I came to a realize that I am not any different from the elderly. I learned from them as much as they say they learned from me… but I still feel guilty. I feel that I gained so much more from them then I could have offered. From their stories, lessons about life, and their perception of me. It has all touched me, and I will be forever grateful. They overwhelmed me with compliments, that helped my self-esteem, and taught me to love myself. As human being, the act of giving is ironic because the receiver receives but the giver gets so much more. In my case, I was there to give my time and I am walking away with friendships I truly care for. The residents taught me to love life in a way I had never experienced before.

They taught me that visiting and listening goes a long way. A simple visit can turn a straight face into a bright smile. I invested many hours at the Manor and with the residents. Imelda, one of the residents, has earned a special place in my heart. Despite her illnesses and her with struggle life, she was always willing to open her home to me. There were times that she felt depressed and did not want to go outside or see anyone, but when I knocked she welcomed me in. We would laugh and share stories about our childhood. When she grew tired or sleepy and it was time for me to go, she spoke kind words to me like “I’m glad you came to visit”, “ That beautiful smile will stay with me for a week” and other kind words that uplifted her spirit and mine as well. It was a privilege to become very close friends with Imelda and others who I plan on visiting even when the internship is over.
So I want to thank everyone who welcomed me into the office of KCB in the mornings with their bright smiles and hello’s. Also Sarah Leck, who was always so patient and helpful in anything that I needed assisting with. It’s been a great summer.

Robert VerWysComment