Final Internship Reflections: Betsy

Setting up, planning the class, getting supplies ready for 25+ kids. Hearing kids talk in a room creating a fun zone sounding environment.Kids calling my name, sometimes 4 kids at a time. Why are there so many things out of their place and why is there paper on the floor? Are there enough paper plates, paper cups and paint set out? Will this be enough? Will they like it? Will all my helpers be here today?
By now you can tell I was talking about my Art class. It ended last Thursday, and I miss the kids already. There are a couple of ways in which I learned about myself from this experience. I learned that even though I like to coordinate, I cant be organized –I am working on that. There were a couple of incidents in which I didn’t keep track of all the supplies or keep the room organized. There was a couple of times I showed up to work to realize I had forgotten something from the days activity at home, which made me think I should keep a checklist. Secondly, another thing I should work on is saying no. I am guilty of wanting the kids to like me so I would let them get away with things. I was too nice, sometimes there was just no way I would raise my voice to a kid. I did occasionally keep them in line, but for the most part I let them be well, “kids”.
This internship has been the closest thing I have had to a real job. I have never had a job before, but this internship gave me that job experience. I woke up early so I can be on time to the intern meetings, I was always punctual and completed all my hours. It was funny, because this is a paid internship and time to time I would forget my paychecks at KCB *OOPS* haha. All in all from the first day I set foot in as a new intern I gave my class my 100% and from what I can remember there was never a time I lost my temper with a kid. Which I am pretty proud of, I didn’t know I had so much patience. I liked those kids way too much, but It was a hassle trying to work with 20+ kids with only 2 helpers sometimes but me and my co intern survived. I think we handled everything pretty well. God never gives you more than you can handle rings true.

Overall, this summer was a journey ill never forget. It was a unique and a growing experience for me. At first I was skeptical that I wouldn’t be able to handle it, but I did. It helped me grow spiritually too because each time I got scared something wouldn’t go right I prayed and God would answer me. I wont forget the mixed feelings I had when I first got an email saying I was going to be the art teacher. It sounded fun and exciting but I knew there was a lot of responsibilty waiting to happen. I am so blessed to have found KCB and having been chosen for art class. I would have never thought I was going to be in charge of a kids class for a summer, it was pretty awesome.

Robert VerWysComment