Final Intern Reflections: Isaac


Everyone has a story. Everyone is a story. If story were a verb, it would be my favorite. One of the most exciting things about people is their ability to story. To be someone, to tell something, to share somehow: that is to story.

           I could write paragraphs and paragraphs of the things I did this summer, because for the past 10 weeks, I lived an amazing story. Working with outreach meant working with the people of the community and hearing their stories. Some were happy, some were sad. All were captivating, because in stories, we find something to relate to because we ourselves story.

           At what point though, does the story become boring and we lose interest? When it’s all about facts? -- I can tell you facts. We served 100 hot dogs and 100 hamburgers (and some fish) at the community barbecue in Compton. Many, many people have been helped get food and homes by the people I’ve been storying with all summer. Those are facts. -- Or maybe we tire of a story that is too negative? Or when we stop relating? Or perhaps when too many questions are asked? A good story will take all of the elements that could make us give up on it, and use them to its advantage.

           So could I tell a good story that sums up all of the things I’ve done and seen this summer while still keeping you entertained? Maybe… With a lot of time and effort. However, I’m not that good of a storyteller. Thankfully, I can tell you one of the biggest things I have learned through the story of my time with Kingdom Causes:

           In the end, it’s not about me and my story. It’s about Jesus and His story. He is using my story every day to tell His, and the best stories I tell all came from Him.

So you can ask me to tell you a story and I will do so with all of my might. But what this summer has taught me is that, as I go along storying, I’m not doing it alone. God is storying alongside me, as he did all summer long.
Thank you everyone for being a part of my story.
Robert VerWysComment