Intern Reflections: Betsy

The above pictures are from my Art class, it is kind of crazy in there. I’ll get into why it is “crazy” in a bit, because it is crazy in a good way. First of all I am blessed for this experience because it is so rewarding. I love the kids and this class, and my volunteers are all so amazing. My volunteers help me with so much and we go through a lot in one hour. We are literally running around the classroom the whole time. For this class I planned things that I knew for sure the kids would like. One of them is a paper-mache piggy bank, and that project has lasted three weeks. In the pictures above you can see the kids working on the piggy bank and also myself, captured in the momentum of going around the tables checking on each kid. One of my most favorite parts of the class has been at the beginning when I ask the class if they are ready to continue the piggy and they all shout “Yes!” It makes me feel so happy that they love it. Though there has been a couple of times that I get a little frustrated in the beginning of class, because I do not know how to set things up or if I have enough of supplies. Then it just so happens that the kids arrive, and they say hi and talk to me and it makes me feel better. All I want is for them is to enjoy my class. I really want to give this class my 100%. Thankfully the things I have them working on keep them intrigued. I do enjoy interacting with them and looking at their masterpieces. I have to say they are really creative kids. The second best part of the class is that when we are done my volunteers and I clean up and talk about how the class went that day. We are tired and messy with paper-mache all over our hands, but I feel a sense of accomplishment when class is over because I know we gave it our all.
Overall, I feel I am getting a better grip of things and know what things kids can and cannot do in regards to art, because some things are a little difficult for them to do. I feel happy I‘m in charge, and I feel this class is a good fit for me as I myself am a kid at heart.
Robert VerWysComment