Meet Our Summer Interns: Jocelyn

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I started my internship a 2 weeks ago and I was given a position where I'll work with Sarah Leck at the Bellflower Friendship Manor planning events and providing encouragement to the residents. I had anticipated hearing back from Sarah and I was given the chance to met her in person and found out that she is such an amazing person who truly loves her job. It will be a privilege to shadow her and take some leadership roles in event planning and putting my planning into practice. I want to think outside the box and bring new and creative ideas to the residents in the Bellflower Manor. Currently I have met with Sarah and I am in the process of transitioning my way to working with the residents. Thursday, Sarah will be introducing me to the residents at their dinner time. I am looking forward to presenting my face to the residents and hopefully becoming friends with the residents. I look forward to managing school, my job and most importantly the internship. I am truly blessed for having the opportunity to intern at Kingdom Causes and I plan on taking advantage of this experience.
Robert VerWysComment