Meet Our Summer Interns: Isaac

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Who am I?
A poem by Isaac Taylor

Who am I?
I’m not a poet so I’ll keep this short,
I am a new summer intern, or something of that sort.
My new place is with outreach, I’ll give it a try.
Who am I?
Its a struggle to describe, which is why
I decided to write a poem. Easy as pie.
I’m 18, and then 19 in July.
Who am I?
Now you’re probably wondering why
I chose to spend my summer doing this
(my rhyming is terribly remiss).
That is something I can’t easily tell:
It seems that the pieces sort of just fell
into place. Despite that, here am I.
Don’t hesitate or be shy,
I’d love for you to come by
and ask me: what? why?
and of course:
Who am I?
Robert VerWysComment