KCB's Family Fun Day

On Monday all of our staff got together for fun and food! We had such a great time talking and laughing, competing and cheering. It was a time for us to grow and just be together. We had our first ever staff Olympics and I think they went quite well!

Normally, staff is "stationed" at two different branches. Some of us are in the KCB office while others are at Little House. Others are out loving our homeless neighbors or mowing lawns while mentoring the guys they are working with. While it might feel at times that we're scattered and away from each other, our meetings together remind us that we are one. We have one purpose. To love others in a way that no church or individual can do alone. We have one Boss. We are held accountable to God for what we're doing with the resources and the families and individuals He is bringing to us. We are one team. We give props and we high five. We celebrate at success stories and encourage each other when the day has been hard.

We have one heart. We love because He first loved us. (1 John 4:19)