Easter Egg Hunt 2014

It was amazing to see so many kids participate in the Easter Egg Hunt last Saturday, April 19th at Simms Park. The changes made this year turned out to be very well received by all. We changed the starting time from 10am to after 11am to give the opportunity for all kids to arrive on time, and so they could enjoy all the activities prepared for them! The Shows, Cupcake Decoration and Arts & Crafts areas are always a hit and were very pleased to see the Easter Bunny make an appearance in one of the shows to help share the TRUE meaning of Easter with parents and kids. All of this could not have been possible without the help of all the volunteers that helped on the day of and during the weeks leading up to the Easter Egg Hunt. We had about 150 volunteers and about 1,500 kids participate in the event. It fills us with joy to see the Bellflower Churches and community come together to bless our families by not only proving a fun event with toy prizes and candy but also with the amazing news of the resurrection.

by April MardueƱo