Spring Intern... Miranda Starbeck!

Hello! My name is Miranda Starbeck and I am an intern this spring for Kingdom Causes Bellflower. I am a first semester senior at Biola University where I am studying Sociology with an emphasis in Social Work. At this point I feel confident that I am called to do social work of some kind although I am open to God’s direction as I am drawn to multiple different communities of people and different areas of social work.
So, why am I interning at Kingdom Causes? One of my classes at Biola requires an internship for this semester and I initially found Kingdom Causes through a google search for Christian non-profit organizations that have Social Work related internships. There were many places I considered interning but after coming in for an interview and learning more about Kingdom Causes I was very excited about the possibility of interning here. From past life experiences I have learned that sometimes God closes every door except the one you least expect, and that door turns out to be much more than you could ever hope for. I am so excited to see how God is going to stretch me and use me as I love and serve the people in the community of Bellflower. I’m also looking forward to the opportunity to practice my Spanish with the individuals I encounter, and continue to establish deeper relationships with people. I don’t know what all this internship will hold but I am eager to see what opportunities God places before me.

The picture above is of my siblings and I at our church’s Christmas Eve service this past December. (from left to right: my sister Mikayla, my brother Skyler, and me)