Your Kingdom Come

       As we have now seen summer come and go in Bellflower, I find myself questioning more and more, “What are we doing here? What is our vision?” I find myself getting caught up in routines – going for walks, talking with neighbors, doing laundry at the Laundromat – without remembering the bigger vision. Then I’ll have a conversation with my roommate or read a Bible passage or go for a particularly refreshing prayer walk and I’ll recall the vision. The vision is God’s people remembering His goodness and His faithfulness. The vision is God’s people bringing Him the glory He is due all throughout the land. The vision is God’s Kingdom coming in Bellflower California.
            All that got me asking, “What does God’s Kingdom coming look like in my neighborhood? What does that mean for my neighbors?” and I realized I would have a very hard time answering that without looking at what God’s Kingdom looks like in my own life.             As Christians, we are called to seek God’s Kingdom; we are to pray that His Kingdom come and His will be done here on earth just as it is done in Heaven, but what does that look like in day-to-day life? How do we help to bring God’s Kingdom?
            I honestly cannot say that I have formulated a great answer to these questions yet, but I have started to examine the Kingdom in my own life and I want to share with you some areas in which I see the Kingdom. God’s Kingdom in my life means I no longer live for myself. It means that I live for God. But how do I do this? I love people as though I was loving myself by baking for them and listening to them when they need to talk and doing small tasks for them and praying for them and giving my time to them and smiling at them. God’s Kingdom in my life looks like Christine and Allyssa and Rachel and Hannah - strong women of faith who rejoice with me in the wonders of our Creator. God’s Kingdom in my life looks like seeking peace and God’s glory above success or praise or being liked. God’s Kingdom in my life looks like deep-seated joy in every circumstance because I know that the war is won.
            Now I challenge you, where do you see God’s Kingdom coming in your own life? How are you participating in God’s work of ushering in the Kingdom? 

-Laura Dumas, Community Fellow