Is It Really Over?

As last week came to an end, it finally hit me that our art class for the summer was over. I had spent 3 weeks getting to know some of the kids in the community and building sweet relationships with each one. I wanted to be excited that the stress and overwhelmed feeling that came each Tuesday and Thursday was finally over, but all I felt was sadness and uncertainty not knowing if I would ever see these kids again. Each child that attended our art class brought something unique to make the class feel so alive and full of life. And without knowing each one helped me grow each week. Some kids with their quirky sense of humor would make me laugh in the midst of chaos, others with their over-dramatic complaining taught me patience, and some with their gentle and quiet spirit taught me to remain calm. My wish is that I could tell each one how special and unique they truly are and how they helped me grow, unfortunately I do not think they will ever know how much they impacted my life this summer.

Written by: Cori Aguayo