Front Desk Nerves

When the interns and I entered into Kingdom Causes and Our Place Housing Solutions’ offices, one of the weekly roles we were given was to run the front desk. When I first heard about this role, I was very anxious about taking calls and matching the right resources to their needs. But through time, support from others in the office, and familiarizing myself with the massive resource binder, that front desk went from the nerve-racking front desk to simply the front wooden desk.

That desk has become a place where I can get to know members from the community of Bellflower. Sometimes that looks like just listening to their stories, other times it is helping them troubleshoot with the computers in the front room. But no matter what, I can always look forward to meeting someone from Bellflower who will change my day and has something to share with me.

Written by: Jannelle Aguirre