Building Community at the Friendship Manor

For this summer, my main focus was to promote community outreach at the Bellflower Friendship Manor. Once a week, I planned social activities for the residents to get acquainted with new people that live within and outside the Manor. At first, I was intimidated by meeting the residents from the Manor because I didn’t know how they would feel about me coming to visit them. I also felt worried that I wouldn’t have anyone come to the activities. I stopped myself from thinking these negative thoughts and just prayed because I was worrying too much and not leaning on my all powerful God. 

On the first day of social activities a group of 8 people came, and that was more than enough for me :). As the weeks continued, more people came to each activity. These activity days were my chance in getting to know the residents and developing new friendships. By the end of my internship I was able to plan a Talent Show for the residents... and it turned out to be a huge success! I had plenty of participants and it was an awesome feeling to see how much talent my new friends had. My internship at Kingdom Causes was an amazing time in which I was able to develop relationships, serve, and minister the Bellflower Community. This summer my heart got overfilled with joy and something I will never forget!

-Janet Melara