Big Things Are Happening in Bellflower

Kingdom Causes Bellflower (KCB) has hosted many community building events this summer. Just this last weekend KCB’s Bella Art Fest 2012 took place. It was one of those picturesque summer days where kids laugh as they run about, local bands play in the background, and the warm sun caresses your face making it impossible to not smile. People came from blocks around to join the giant community party with musical performances from InJOY, five artist’s booths, and art competitions. Seeing Bellflower’s community members come together and use their talents for everyone’s enjoyment was inspiring.

Events like this one is just another reason why I am so thankful to have had been part of KCB’s internship team. This organization has allowed me to see God’s movement through the city of Bellflower and how he transforms lives in ways that only He can. I will surely miss this place.

Written by: Jannelle Aguirre