Community Fellow: Rachel

We are excited to have four brand new "Community Fellows" living in Bellflower! This is a brand new program in which these young leaders will gain practical, hands-on experience in community development as they live in under-resourced neighborhoods in Bellflower. The next few posts will introduce the four 2012-2013 Community Fellows! 

First, I'm happy to introduce Rachel De Los Reyes!

Hello There!

First off the basics.

23 years old. Recent graduate of Biola University. Originally hailing from San Diego, CA. Loves God. Loves people. Loves Art.

That in a nutshell is who I am. I think you may now be wondering what drew me to this fellowship program. Without rambling and going off on wild tangents (which I usually do), I will you tell why.

It’s quite simple. I LOVE people. I enjoy meeting others and getting to know their story, their gifts, and their hopes and dreams. Things that make them unique.

I have always been a ‘people person.’ But my time in college really fostered this passion in me, I got the opportunity to counsel and mentor young adults through university and church programs. As time went on I realized that this just wasn’t a fun thing to do, it was a calling.

And on top of that I love the city. The city is such a unique, diverse, and historic place. Growing up in cities in the Pacific Northwest and Southern California, I was amazed by its beauty. Not just the landscape or the architecture. I was intrigued by the culture and how much diversity could fit into such a compacted space. There were so many cultures and people to experience. The different foods, languages, and customs. I loved it all. And that love and passion still grows to this day.

But despite the city’s magnificence there is a dark side. It is because of man’s sin that division exists within the city due to cultural, political, and social movements. These movements lead to boundaries of race, class, and beliefs. What is left is a divided and ultimately broken city. I believe that Christ longs to transform and reform the hearts of his people. I look forward at the opportunity to work with like-minded people to provide a glimpse of reconciliation, hope, and healing that comes from the gospel.

In the next year, I am excited to gain hands on experience doing urban ministry and learning what it looks like to truly love my neighbor. I am looking forward to being stretched relationally, emotionally, and spiritually.

So I think that’s enough about me! As for hobbies I love film, photography, reading, writing, hanging out at the beach, hiking, trying new foods, fawning over cute dogs, puns, making people laugh, watching cheesy dance/singing reality shows, coming up with witty Facebook statuses, instagramming (yes, it is now a verb), and most of all exploring this wonderful city!