Community Fellow: Rob

Last, but not least, our fourth community fellow... Rob VerWys!

Well hi there! My name is Robert VerWys and I am one of the new Community Fellows.

I come from the far off land of Michigan, but now have taken Southern California and specifically the Eucalyptus neighborhood as my new home! Kris and I moved into 16111 Eucalyptus last week and have been busy settling in and trying to make it feel “homey.” I am extremely excited for the coming year with my compatriots, let me tell you why…

I am 21 years old and a recent graduate of Azusa Pacific University, where I received a bachelor’s degree in social work. Through my collegiate experience, I had the privilege to both study and live in South Africa for approximately 6 months. It was there that God highlighted within me a passion for learning how to love communities, and do so in a way that empowers rather than disenables. This shift added an entirely new understanding to the Gospel and what it means to desire “Thy Kingdom come” in the present and for an entire community. I came to realize that as rewarding and fruitful as the time had felt to me personally, I was only beginning to scratch the surface in my understanding of the Zulu culture. Without a deep and comprehensive understanding of a cultures’ paradigm, it is difficult to know how to love a community best. Out of that tension was borne the realization that I don’t strive to love and serve God and my community that way when I am in my HOME culture. THAT is exactly the reason why I feel God drew me to the Community Fellows program. God is doing some uniquely beautiful things within the city of Bellflower and I can’t believe I have the chance to learn and take part! I am called to that life, here and now, directly where I am.

I am thrilled to commit this next year to being a present learner in the Eucalyptus neighborhood! I eagerly anticipate the coming joys, struggles and growing pains that come along with the territory. I aim to celebrate and share a glimpse of what God is doing in the neighborhood with you all at least once every month. To God be the glory!