GSI elevator speech

The elevator speech: the daunting 30 second pitch for you or your product, told to anyone who makes semi-prolonged eye contact. While awkward, the “elevator speech” is an effective tool to explain what your product is and how it is value-adding. We’ll skip the stuffy elevator, but this is Good Soil Industries:

“Good Soil Industries (GSI) is a social enterprise that helps low-income individuals work their way out of poverty. Local residents receive job acquisition and retention training, goal setting and accountability, financial planning, and life coaching. GSI also employs hard-to-hire neighbors, in hopes of systematically reducing homelessness and dependency on financial assistance. The participants receive transitional job opportunities lasting between 3 and 6 months through GSI Landscape Services, which provides landscape maintenance for commercial and residential properties. As a result of the job training and current work history, 90% of program participants have graduated from the program and found steady, full-time employment.”

We encourage you to share our story, and we hope this elevator speech gives you words to share it clearly.