Community Walk

During my last community walk, I was able to sit and pray for the City of Bellflower and the works that God has been doing through the neighbors, volunteers, and leaders in this community. I felt really blessed thinking about how God provided Ryan with a vision of Kingdom Causes and how much this organization has progressed since the start of it. I also felt blessed to see the staff members sharing and committing towards the vision of transforming the community of Bellflower by connecting relationships, addressing the needs of the community, and utilizing the many assets that are found within it. I thought about how many of the staff members are living within the city and actively engaging in relationships with neighbors and churches all around. It's been a huge blessing for me to see them living in the kind of love that really reflects and glorifies God. It's so amazing to see God working through the homelessness prevention efforts, Good Soil Industries, Homework Club, Art Class, Soccer Class, and all the various programs that the organization continues to pursue. I will be praying that God can continually use the hearts and talents of KCB staff and volunteers so that He can move through the city of Bellflower!

-Eun Cho

Abbey NishimotoComment