Certifications Build Resumes and Confidence

The job market is more competitive now than most of us have ever seen. I saw a job posting on craigslist the other day, here were the qualifications:

  • Bi-lingual (Togalog and English)
  • 8 years industry experience
  • Excellent communication skills with management
  • Lift 75 lbs.
  • 3 industry specific certifications

Hourly pay for this job: $8.50

As California's rate of unemployment remains at levels not seen since 1940 (12%), the job market has become hyper-competitive. Employers are able to ask for extensive experience and pay entry-level wages.
But these are the times; and the times call for us to compete. The jobs are becoming more difficult to find, but there are still positions that employers need filled. If we can prove that we add value to a company, we can find work. Its time to add certifications, related volunteer experience, unpaid internships, and any other profession-building experience to our resume.

That's why Kingdom Causes Bellflower and Good Soil Industries are working with Long Beach City College to bring a forklift certification, supply-logistics and OSHA general safety certification to our office. We look forward to sharing more as details come together, but we are working hard to make sure our community is prepared to compete!