Summer Intern- Eun McFun!

Hi! My name is Eun Cho and I will be serving at Kingdom Causes Bellflower this summer as a volunteer intern. I am an (upcoming) fourth year at UCLA studying political science and sociology. An interest and passion I've developed over the past three years in college (as well as in my personal experiences) is in the underdeveloped topic of immigration- especially of undocumented workers. I believe that the treatment of many undocumented workers is not only an systemic issue of politics but an issue that deeply overlooks the ethical and moral components. I am currently striving to become a lawyer and perhaps even a law professor in the future.

In my free time, I am usually found tanning, hanging out at Huntington Beach, running/training, cycling down Coyote Creek, blogging, having quiet time with God, hiking, or just hanging out with friends. I've traveled and lived in many countries like South Korea, Mexico, Australia, and Canada. Throughout these experiences, I have come to really enjoy the diversity and uniqueness of each and every one of these cultures. What drives me in everything that I do is the love of Christ that has given me grace to know Him and have a relationship with Him. I hope that during the next few months at Kingdom Causes, God can continually guide me and use me according to His will and purpose. 

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