Inspired by Homeboys

Facial tattoos, shaved heads, and enormous muscles can make a person pretty intimating. Last Friday I walked through the doors of Homeboy Industries to find 150 men who fit this description. The participants of Homeboy Industries are men and women who are seeking an exit from the gang lifestyle and need help. They can receive counseling, tattoo removals, and a job in one of multiple businesses- silk screen printing, a bakery, and a restaurant called Homegirl Cafe. They are working with LA's most intimidating population and showing them a better life.
I was inspired by Homeboy Industries to keep seeking new ways to employ our hard-to-hire neighbors. There is no better way to bless our neighbors who struggle financially then to provide a job. Good Soil Industries and Homeboy Industries share a conviction that the dignity found in work is better than any handout we could give. And as I walked around the campus of Homeboy Industries I was inspired to dream of what God could do through Good Soil Industries.
Supporting causes like Good Soil or Homeboy are easy. If you have maintenance work you need completed, call Good Soil. If you are looking for the best chips you'll ever have, go to Ralph's grocery store and buy Homeboy chips, and watch how your money does more.