Getting My Hands Dirty

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Taylor Seger and I am currently an intern at Kingdom Causes for the summer. But most recently, I became a Good Soil route lead.

I started driving for Good Soil as a part of my internship. I was committed to three hours of driving that morning – I got bored of sitting after one house - so I got to work. I finished up my time for the day and as I drove home, Joel gave me a call to ask, because of an incident that had occurred earlier that morning, if I could come back and help finish up the day.

That's how it all started – a total God thing. I'm the official route lead now, and I love every part of it.

My work does come with its challenges. I think of it like when Jesus went into the wilderness after he began his ministry. Immediately after he was recognized as the Son of God, he was tested in the wilderness. I am by no means saying that I am anywhere close to Jesus’ stature. But right after coming on the team, thinking everything is going great, God challenged my patience and my dependence on Him.

Within the first two weeks, some crazy things happened. It started with a weedwacker breaking down, lost keys (to be specific - keys that I lost...for about 20 minutes), and a fender bender while at the pump (without the bender, thankfully).
Both in the short and long-term, I’ve had to stretch myself. I’ve really had to rely on the Savior to have a spirit of strength, love, humility, and faithfulness. I do my best to stay diligent and pray daily for these of God’s attributes.

My time at Good Soil for the past month has been an enriching blessing in my life. I love sharing work. I appreciate having someone to challenge me - and of course being able to share a good ol’ fashioned radio sesh on the road.