The Joy of Homework Club!

My name is Sarah Leck and I am one of the summer interns for Kingdom Causes. I have the opportunity to work once a week with the Homework Club for the summer. God has really been teaching me to value learning and education through these kids. The kids enjoy learning much more than I ever have. Even though some of them complain at first about doing activities, by the end they are so excited and want to keep going even after the time is over. One of these kids name is Jon. He is always reluctant at first to join in but by the end he is always saying, “Miss Sarah, I want more math problems!” This is amazing to see because I understand his reluctance. Going into my senior year of college, I am starting to lose my academic steam. Working with these kids has been a healthy reminder that God has blessed me with a great education. I should take any opportunity to learn more about the world God has created. I have been blessed by these kids and am so thankful for the opportunity to learn along with them.