What is KCB-101?

Here at Kingdom Causes, we're excited to introduce a new tool for volunteer training in 2010. We're calling the training "KCB 101".  We hope to better equip and empower our volunteers so that together we can be most effective at reaching our community. 

We're currently running our first training with a group of volunteers that are already deeply invested, but don't worry if you missed this first round.  This 5-week training will be offered again in April.  Spots are limited, so keep an eye out for the next chance to register. 

We have four goals for this training:
  1. To get to know each other’s stories
  2. To familiarize volunteers with the values and programming at the heart of our work in Bellflower
  3. To help volunteers discover the best way to be involved (connecting your passions with the mission)
  4. To help learn how to incorporate KC values into personal lives and spheres of influence.
In short, this training will help you be better equipped to serve with Kingdom Causes, but also to be an intentional "kingdom-maker" in the other areas of your life.

Photo: Teri, Jeudy, Betty, Abbey, Taylor & Alex... participants in the training