Háblame Class Update

Last week's Háblame (Reciprocal Language Class) was a blast! In each class we pair up people who want to learn English with people who want to learn Spanish and empower them to teach each other on the weekly teaching theme. Our instructor, Aura, does a great job preparing both language learners with words and phrases during the first part of class and then we practice in pairs for the second half.

There's something very humbling about learning language. You can hear sheepish laughs as each partner tries to pronounce words in the language their learning, but later they're the one teaching their partner. It's beautiful to see everyone at the same level teaching, learning & having fun with someone they don't usually cross paths with outside of the class.

Last week we had a great time learning words and phrases that would help us go grocery shopping for Thanksgiving. I never new that "relleno" meant stuffing. This week we will learn basic conversation skills, vocabulary and phrases that could be used in a parent/teacher meeting.

If you're interested in being a part of this program in the future, please contact Chrissy at 562-804-2189.
Chrissy PadillaComment