Be a Strategic Neighbor on Eucalyptus

FOR RENT: 3 Bedroom/2 Bathroom Craftsman Home • $1800/month

Yes that's right.  For all of you that have been dying to be my neighbor on Eucalyptus, there's a home for rent right across the street.  You can be a strategic neighbor!

What is a strategic neighbor?... A person or family that moves into a neighborhood on purpose.  They make every effort to be a good neighbor by being present and knowing their neighbors names.  They see their neighborhood as a mission field.  They invite them over for
 meals.  They share life together.  They deeply invest into the lives surrounding them.  It doesn't require quitting your job, but being intentional with your lifestyle.

This is something that can be done right where you live.  It is taking the verse "Love your neighbor as yourself" literally.  So maybe you don't need to move to the Eucalyptus neighborhood.  But just in case... here's the number on the picture below :)


Chrissy PadillaComment