Special thanks to our GREAT VOLUNTEERS!

Last Saturday we had people serving all over the city! It was awesome.

To start the day, I headed over to Calvary Baptist church where Rosewood Church had a group working hard in the kitchen to make breakfast for our homeless neighbors. They did a great job once again! People got some great food and a chance to hear and experience the Gospel.

After breakfast I went over to First Bellflower Christian Reformed Church where a team of 16 men from the congregation gathered to help out with some work projects. They spent the morning hours helping to repair a couple of the trailers that we use to offer affordable transitional housing, and hanging and sanding drywall at another local ministry. They were SO helpful and generous with thier time and resources.

That same morning, volunteers from Bethany Church spent time weeding the flower beds out front of the Community Center and washing windows. What a blessing that was to our neighbors here in the strip mall. Max, our Muslim neighbor who runs a business next door came in to the office on Monday and expressed his thanks for the work that the volunteers did. I was able to tell him that the volunteers did this because they were seeking to honor God and simply love our neighbors like Jesus commanded.

What a great day! Thank you to all who gave thier time to serve.