These are the "Good Old Days!"

As we look around our city we tend to reminisce about "The good old days..."
Well these may not be the good old days, but these can be the "good new days"
if we reminisce about this one thing: The good old days were possible because
of the "good old neighbors."
We are "the good old neighbors" of today...
and the Bellflower of today can be the city our children and grandchildren will reminisce about tomorrow.
As we step out to bless Bellflower ... one neighbor at a moment at a playground at a neighborhood in Bellflower at a time...these will become the "good old times...and the good old days" of today and tomorrow!
To all the good neighbors and friends who stepped out last Friday to help build the new playground I want to say: let's think of it as our monument to the new "good times!"
Aura GComment